Here’s the latest on the upcoming Colbern Road Closure and Construction.
  • Colbern Road will be closing as crewswork to realign Blue Parkway and add a traffic circle at the Unity Village east entrance.
  • The expected date of closure is Monday, March24, 2014, with a planned reopening date of June 15, 2014.
 From 350 highway westbound
  • Exit at Colbern Road
  • Turn right onto Colbern Road
  • Turn left onto Blue Parkway
  • Turn right off of Blue Parkway to enter the Unity main entrance
  • Turn left as soon as you enter and follow the road to the Unity Inn parking lot.
Traffic flow will be routed to the left as you enter the main gate off of Blue Parkway, and guests can follow the outer road past the golf course and right into Unity INN’s parking area.